Atlanta Catholic Business Café


The Atlanta Catholic Business Café is a spiritual outreach of the Atlanta Catholic Business Conference and the Integrated Catholic Life™. The Café includes a light breakfast and networking; a short, relevant and practical talk; followed by table discussions and Q&A. We generally meet on the last Friday of each month except December. Watch this page for news about the next meeting date.

Typical Agenda:

7:15 to 7:30 - Light Breakfast and networking
7:30 to 8:00 - Talk
8:00 to 8:20 - Table Discussion
8:20 to 8:30 - Q&A

You are invited to join us for Mass at 6:45 a.m.

This prayerful, faith-filled gathering provides an excellent opportunity for Catholics and other Christians to connect with old and new friends in the Atlanta business community.

Our Next Café is October 24, 2014!

Jordan C. Lofton, Partner, MBA, PMP at Golden Source Consultants

Discipleship and Team Building

Friday morning, October 24, 2014 – 7:15 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
in McNamee Hall at St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church
All are Welcome – $5 Donation (optional)


Ms. Lofton will address the following areas of team building using lessons from the example of Jesus and His disciples.

As leaders we each engage in discipleship, but how do we choose our disciples?  What characteristics should the disciples have?  And what important questions will your disciples ask of you that you will need to be prepared for as a leader?  Jesus gave us this example not only through how he led, but how he allowed his disciples to take on their own roles within his universal church.  Find out what important examples we can learn from the team building Jesus took part in when He chose His 12 Apostles.

Following the talk, the following questions will be examined through table discussion and open Q&A:

  • In what ways do you look to find and grow other disciples within your business and within your team?
  • In your team, who would you appoint as your Peter, and who would you appoint as your John?  How would you develop each of them to accomplish the mission you will give them?
  • What questions have you asked your leaders?  How did they respond?  How would you respond to those same questions in the example of Christ?



Speaker Bio:

Jordan C. Lofton is an emerging entrepreneur in the Atlanta. Jordan received her degree in Management from The University of Georgia in 2006, and her MBA in Strategy from Duke University in 2012. She began her career with a Big 4 IT Consulting firm based in Atlanta after graduating from UGA.

During her time in management consulting, Jordan felt the challenge of long hours, travel, and the focus of her fast paced career pulling her away from her family, friends, and her Catholic faith. After 4.5 years with the Big 4, she left with only an idea that consulting firms could offer better service to their clients and retain top talent better. This initial idea was a simple seed that was planted.

The step to leave was also a step Jordan took in faith, trusting that God had a plan which would leverage her consulting skills and allow her to continue to serve Him. She began working independently while pursuing her MBA. During this time her relationship grew more and more, as she returned to Sacraments and daily prayer became a staple to her day.

It was in July 2012 that God revealed a path she had not considered, when a client approached Jordan asking her to start her own consulting firm. Responding in faith, Golden Source Consultants was formed. With two years in business, GSC has a mission to raise the bar on quality and delivery for clients by developing the next generation of management consultants. Her innovative model challenges the churn and burn format of large firms, by developing a firm by Millennials for Millennials. The model allows the Golden Source Consultants team to grow wonderful careers without losing sight of their faith and God’s larger plan for their life.

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