Confirmation Program

The Confirmation program at St. Peter Chanel is designed to help our youth come to a deeper understanding of how the Holy Spirit works in our lives and in the life of the Church, and to a deeper appreciation of how being open to the presence and action of the Holy Spirit in our lives can draw us into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

Confirmation preparation is a two-year process beginning in 8th Grade, with the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation taking place during the Fall of the 10th Grade year.* Please review your grade level section below; and take a moment to add these dates to your family calendar, so they can be priority as you enter the school year. To register for Confirmation, complete the 9th or 10th Grade form on our PSR Registration Information page. (8th Graders need to register for EDGE unless they are attending an Archdiocesan-approved school.)

*Candidates who missed previous sacraments or 8th grade formation may need additional prepration. Contact us for details. The Pastor and the Director of Religious Education reserve the right to amend the Confirmation requirements as needed. Parents and candidates will be notified if changes are made. 

Candidates, Parents and Sponsors are encouraged to subscribe to the Confirmation Blog during the Confirmation Process. If you would like us to communicate directly with your teen, please review the additional links below: 

 Enjoy your free online copy of  The Mark...a gift from Archbishop Gregory
to 9th & 10th Grade teens  receiving Confirmation.

Confirmation Forms & Information

Detailed information and calendars for each grade level can be found below. In addition to the program dates, all 9th and 10th Grade candidates are required to participate in three (3) service opportunities in the areas of Family Service, Parish Service and Community Service during each year of Confirmation preparation.

Service opportunities can be found on the Teen Service page. We also encourage all high school teens to participate in our Youth Ministry programs to grow in community and Christian discipleship. Visit the Youth Ministry Events page for upcoming dates and information. 


Year 1 Information: Confirmation Fall 2019 

In the Archdiocese of Atlanta, Confirmation takes place in the 10th grade. Candidates are required to participate in faith formation for the two years leading up to the reception of the sacrament. For 8th grade, this means you must be registered for Middle School EDGE or enrolled in an Archdiocesan-approved school. Please complete the PSR Family Registration form on the PSR Registration Information page to register for the EDGE program. There will be an information meeting towards the end of your 8th grade year for you to learn about the sacrament program and how to enroll. 

Year 2 Information: Confirmation Fall 2018

Year 2 Confirmation preparation spans 9th and 10th Grades. Candidates must register separately for each grade level of the Confirmation program. To begin sacrament preparation,  complete the Confirmation/FUEL Registration form on the PSR Registration Information page to register for the 9th Grade program. Candidates must complete the FUEL program before advancing to IGNITE, regardless of age. Candidates who attend an Archdiocesan High School for 9th grade will be waived from the four FUEL foundation sessions upon written verification of their participation in faith formation in an accredited Catholic school setting. There is no fee for 9th graders who will be attending a Catholic school in the Fall. Registration for 10th Grade IGNITE opens in the Spring of 2018.



Kendra Lockhart
Confirmation Coordinator
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