Christ Renews His Parish - SPRING 2017


(CRHP) is a parish renewal program with an emphasis on strengthening your relationship with Christ, creating new and vibrant Christian relationships with other men or women in the parish and promoting your engagement with our parish ministries.The CRHP weekend enables you to hear and learn more about God through the lives of other Catholics. Community building, ministry, prayer, healing, spiritual growth and the Gospel are all part of the weekend. It is an opportunity to say "yes" to a closer and deeper relationship with God.

What happens on the weekend?

The weekend provides an inviting environment for individual spiritual growth through prayer and personal reflection. You can share conversations and thoughts (as much or as little as you desire) with others in the parish who also encounter many of the same demands of everyday life in family, society, and at work. There is a Reconciliation service on Saturday and Mass is celebrated both Saturday and Sunday.

How does the process work?

The renewal weekend is given for PARISHIONERS by PARISHIONERS and a parish priest.

Who attends?

CRHP is for parishioners, 21 and older, who are seeking spiritual renewal, desiring to grow closer to God, or searching for a deeper purpose within the parish community.

What about the cost?

A $35 registration fee is requested, but not required. The spirit of CRHP is to make the experience available for everyone.

Upcoming weekend dates:

*Men’s Weekend:  March 3 - 4

*Women's Weekend:  March 18 - 19

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