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Gather Stars for Your Children
© 1997, Jeanne M. Lyons (BMI)


audio  Way Down Deep (We're Mostly the Same)
audio  Perseveration Station
audio  Christina
audio  It's OK to Play Differently (The Arranging Song)
audio  You Are My Child
audio  Big Wild Woolly Fear!
audio  Flexibility
audio  Long-Winded Lou
audio  Personal Space Invader
audio  Jody's Song

Special Needs:


audio   I Will Stand With ThemI Will Stand With Them (Lyrics)
audio    LOVE that Guacamole!!!! - Co-written by Jeanne Lyons and Luke McIntyre, age 8, when he came to help out at Jubilee Music. Way to go Luke!! 

Bible Stories:

  audio     The Good Samaritan


  audio    Turn to the Lord in Your Need, Psalm 69


  audio   Prayer to St. Philomena


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