Confirmation Conference Follow Up

 Book Reviews: 


Infinity Wars: Despite what you might have heard, faith and science have walked hand in hand and will continue to do so forever. Fr. Bryan explores the connection between what you can prove and what you can't. 


Catholic, Christian, Whatever: Aren't we all on the same team?  Fr. Llane delves into what we as Catholic Christians believe and why the distinctions are important.

Intervention vs. Intercession: Where is God when the world needs him?  Why do my prayers go unanswered? Fr. Llane will give insight as to why the path is not always easy or clear.


Sacramental Encounters: I'm already baptized so why do I need to be Confirmed?  What is the point of the sacraments if I already have a personal relationship with Jesus?  Rob will encourage us to look at these moments as encounters with Christ.

Scripture is More Than Soundbites: We see Bible passages on T-shirts, billboards and stadiums. Fr. Dez will help us to look beyond the chapter and verse to understand the truth of what God is telling us.


LGBTQ and C: Fr. Dez shares with us how our Catholic beliefs call us to respect and support people of all sexual orientations, genders, and gender identities.

Loving on Purpose: Who hasn't been forced to log service hours?  The Good Samaritan wasn't forced to help a stranger.  Carla gives us tips on how can we be more like the Good Samaritan - and why would we want to.


Respect Life: A lot of life happens between the womb and the tomb.  Susan provides insight into respecting the life God gave us when society says, "I do what I want!"