Youth Ministry Program

Our Youth Ministry program is open to all teens in Grades 9-12 to aid them in their spiritual growth and to help them connect with their Catholic peers. Having a active faith life in high school sets a pattern of solid habits that will follow them to college and beyond. All teens, whether in the Confirmation process or already confirmed, are strongly encouraged to participate in one or more of these programs throughout their high school years. Teens are requested to register on the Youth Ministry Teen Registration Form. There is no cost to register for Youth Ministry, but completing the form helps us with our planning and communications targeted to your area of interest. Visit the Youth Ministry Calendar frequently for details of upcoming events and permission slips, and watch for announcements on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages. Teens are always welcome to bring friends to our Youth Ministry programs, regardless of their faith tradition. 

Life Nights: Sundays, 6-8 pm
Life Nights are the core of our ministry. In these nights we will combine games, food, talks, small group discussion, and prayer to cover faith topics and how they apply to teens’ everyday lives. It is where we meet as a family to eat, have a good time, talk about what matters, and pray for the grace we need. Meets in McNamee Hall immediately after the 5:00 PM Mass.  

Bible Study: Wednesdays, 6:30-8 pm
Our Bible study generally covers the upcoming Sunday mass readings to help us better understand the Mass, and to give teens have an opportunity to dive deeper into scripture in a safe and supportive place. Meets in the Teen Room (Room 2).

Unwind: Wednesdays, 8-9 pm (following Bible study)
Following bible study, we finish off the night with casual social time. Teens are invited to come hang out, play board games, video games, or games outside on the preschool field. It is a time in the middle of the week to take a load off, and just enjoy the company of the Life Teen family. 

Service Days: Once a month

On Service Days, we gather to serve our community in some fashion. Just like all our events, service Saturdays are open to all teens, but depending on the activity, we may require teens to sign up in advance. Throughout the year we will have many other small opportunities for teens to serve in addition to Service Days. Please check out the Youth Ministry Service page for information about the next service opportunity coming up!

Occasionally we’ll have a social night out to a Brave’s game, an Escape Room or other fun places. Events vary throughout the year, so check the Youth Ministry Events page for upcoming dates and permission slips.


Retreats, Conferences, and Camp
These events are for teens to take a break from the craziness of the world and focus on their relationship with Christ. Some events like retreats are more low-key and span over a weekend, while others, like Catholic Heart Work Camp, are a week-long event in the summer. Visit the Youth Ministry Events page for details and permission slips.

Service Opportunities: Days & Times Vary
Service is an integral part of our Catholic faith. Several projects are offered throughout the year for Confirmation candidates as well as all interested teens. Opportunities range from events that serve our own parish to the larger community. Visit the Youth Ministry Service page for a list of upcoming and ongoing service opportunities.

Contact Information

Colleen Pittroff
Youth Ministry Coordinator
Fax : 678.277.9423



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