I am so glad that you are becoming part of our wonderful parish!  St. Peter Chanel parish hosts a large number of very active ministries, events, and outreach programs.  Our Sunday liturgies are vibrant and lively, while always maintaining the sense of the sacred.  The staff is dedicated, professional, and committed to excellence.

Most of all, the strength of our parish resides in the hearts and minds of faithful Catholics like yourselves.  St. Peter Chanel is, simply put, a community of believers that strive to live their faith by making a difference for Christ in the world.

As you look through this website, you will discover the richness of ministry here at St. Peter Chanel and the many opportunities available to become more involved in living the Catholic faith.  Young or old, actively pursuing a career or currently retired - - there are many opportunities at St. Peter Chanel for putting your unique gifts at the service of the Lord.

Our patron, St. Peter Chanel, a zealous Marist priest martyr, lived in the early part of the 18th Century in France.  Inspired to bring the Good News to far reaches of the globe and comforted by his devotion to the Blessed Mother and supported with the grace of the Holy Eucharist, St. Peter Chanel travelled to Oceania.  His efforts at evangelization bore much fruit and success even in the midst of difficult situations.

In our own time and place, within our families and neighborhoods, at work and in our parish, let us do the same:  Bring Christ to others through our actions, supported by prayers of the Blessed Virgin and nourished by the Holy Eucharist.


Monsignor Peter J. Rau