Run the Race Campaign






After years of hard work we as a parish family are now at a point where we can " see the light at the end of the tunnel."  

St. Peter Chanel can eliminate all of its building debt.


There is no questions that this parish has done an incredible job to achieve what it has - to build this remarkable facility (over $23 million). We believe now is the time to eliminate the remaining $3.5 million of debt for good. By doing so, we will not only be taking care of our financial responsibility, we will be able to consider new possibilities to engage every parishioner – no matter the age or stage of life.


These possibilities may include:

• Enriching programs, e.g. widening the variety of speakers,

particularly for teens and young adults and providing subsidies

for youth involvement in programs outside the parish.


• Expanding ministries, e.g. bringing people together in small

community settings, having opportunities for all, from our

young families through our seasoned parishioners, to help with

outreach to the community outside of the parish.


• Enhancing technologies, e.g. audiovisual upgrades in

McNamee Hall and smartboards in the classrooms – all in

support of the programs and ministries mentioned above.

In doing these things, St. Peter Chanel will move beyond being the place where we only “go to Mass.”  It will be our home, where we as a family, grow as members of the Body of Christ.



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